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"Productivity has never looked so sexy" - CNet Logo

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This is the new way we work.

Your Workspace Reimagined.

This advanced workstation combines and reimagines all the needs of the modern office in a beautiful, intuitive sit/stand desk.

Cemtrex SmartDesk

Just one wire.

Keep things clean with a single workstation connected by a single wire – and all the work necessities seamlessly integrated.

Three Screens. Second Nature.

Fully immersive experience gives you multitasking without distractions.

Everything in arm's reach.

Access everything you need to get the job done without interrupting your workflow.

Let your workflow flow.

When seamless software combines with optimized business tools, productivity goes uninterrupted.

Integrated Phone

Wireless Phone Charging

Built-in Scanner

Sit and Stand Functionality

STARK Gesture System

SmartDesk Works Smarter so You Can Work Brilliantly.

Work. Smarter.

Everything you need to get the job done. All in arm's reach.

Document Scanner
Scan your documents by just laying them on the desk and hitting click.
High Performance PC
Accelerate your workflow with a high-performance PC. Powerful processors, graphics and memory help you accomplish the toughest tasks.
Keyboard & Trackpad
An integrated system with keyboard and trackpad built directly into the SmartDesk's surface.
Integrated Communications
Manage your cell, office phone and video conferencing right from the SmartDesk.
Built-in wireless headphones make sure everything from your calls to your music comes through crystal clear.
Wireless Charger
A wireless charger seamlessly built into the surface makes it easy to charge your phone without the clutter.
72" of Touchscreen
Get the space you need to get the jobs done. Streamline your workflows with our proprietary touch gesture system.
Adjustable Desk
Sit or stand - it’s up to you. The motorized sit/stand desk keeps you plugging away all day long without aches and pains.
Touchless Gestures
Control your toughest workflows faster and easier than ever with our touchless gesture systems. Control with the flick of your wrist.

White-Glove Installation Service

1 Year Limited Warranty

Financing Options

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