Cemtrex SmartDesk"

Cemtrex SmartDesk is your work and office completely reinvented. This advanced workstation combines and reimagines all the needs of the modern office in a beautiful, intuitive sit/stand desk.

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The way we work has changed.

SmartDesk Document Scanner
touch icon

72" of Touchscreen

Get the space you need to get the jobs done. Streamline your workflows with our proprietary touch gesture system.

phone charger icon
phone charger icon

Wireless Phone Charger

A wireless charger seamlessly built into the surface makes it easy to charge your phone without the clutter.

SmartDesk Document Scanner
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Seamless Document Scanner

Scan your documents by just laying them on the desk and hitting click.

SmartDesk Integrated Phone System
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Integrated Phones

Manage your office and mobile phones right from your SmartDesk. Call, text and mirror your phones without ever touching them.

SmartDesk Computing
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High Performance PC

Accelerate your workflow with a high-performance PC. Powerful processors, graphics and memory help you accomplish the toughest tasks.

SmartDesk Keyboard and Trackpad
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Built in Keyboard & Trackpad

An integrated system with keyboard and trackpad built directly into the SmartDesk's surface.

Sit Stand Desk
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Adjustable Sit & Stand Desk

Sit or stand - it’s up to you. The motorized sit/stand desk keeps you plugging away all day long without aches and pains.

Introducing our revolutionary
STARK Gesture System

Take Control Like Never Before

Our proprietary touch and touchless gesture systems give you effortless control over your workflows. Manage windows, scroll, zoom, copy, paste, screenshot and navigate with a few simple gestures.

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