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Got it installed this the design, all the monitors are awesome, haven't really gotten into the touchless stuff but trust me its already amazing!

Great machine

Gesture controls are cool, but I rarely use them. The touch screen functionality is fantastic. I use the touch screens constantly. Much more than on my laptop with touchscreen. The touch controls I rarely use as they don't really work for me. But, I'm not sure if that is due to being in Beta or what. They just don't seem to respond the way I think they should. But the machine itself is great. Looks slick. The automatic sit stand functionality is great. One cord is slick. Charger is great. Not a huge fan of the headphones. But, will try to start working them into the rotation a bit more.

Awesome Desk

I have purchased numerous stand up desk devices in the past. And while they all worked they also took up most of my desk space, and never gave me good options to store my computer. Cemtrex Smartdesk resolved all my concerns. Simply put Cemtrex got it right! The desk is beautiful and well organized. The entire integrated solution of phone, touch screens, scanning, video are very well done. Setup was less than an hour and has worked solidly as expected. This is definitely the work-space of the future and I'm very happy that I got mine early. My productivity has increased due to touch screens and the 3 screen integration. Really an amazing system. Great job team and WELL DONE CEMTREX!

It's all about the touch screens

Let me start by saying when I preordered this desk, I honestly didn't think much of the touch screens. I thought they were messy, fingerprint traps for ipads and laptops. Turns out i was wrong. Now I use the touch all the time. It's suprisingly handy and they do a good job of keeping it clean looking. I barely notice the fingerprints.

I give the four stars because I'm not a fan of the keyboard. I've mostly gotten used to some of the quirks, but the function key and control key are swapped so I find myself using the wrong keys at times. They trackpad isn't much to write home about either, but I just use my own mouse anyway.

Overall, awesome desk, the three monitors are amazing for all the spreadsheets I always have open. I'm thinking about getting another one for my home office too.

I am supremely satisfied with this item

I am supremely satisfied with this item, having used it now for almost a month. With all of its features and stunning performance, this was a real bargain at the price we paid. I would recommend it to anyone needing a high-performance workhorse workstation with a multiscreen CONFIGURATION

Who needs more?

I bought this for my wife who was using an Apple laptop that began to have battery charging issues that were never resolved. She loves her new SmartDesk. She mostly uses it for working from home and day trading. Our kids often also use it to go online and doing social stuff like twitter and facebook... My wife loves that it has 3 built-in screens. Coming from a laptop with a screen plugged in, she says that she feels infinitely more productive. She says the SmartDesk has plenty of room for whatever she needs to do/manage.


Really sleek minimalist design. Fits fantastically into my home office. I threw out my 3 different old monitors and am never looking back. Didn't realize how useful touch screens are. The cool thing is that these screens are angled so that its comfortable to touch rather than just being completely vertical like most monitors.

Also the keyboard is surprisingly good. I thought it would be too small, but it works!

Gestures way more useful than I thought possible

When I first saw the product video I thought the gestures were going to be gimmicky. I found the three touch screens to be the most appealing part so I ordered the product. After having the product now for two weeks I can firmly say the gestures have blown my mind. They are super easy to use and make managing content a breeze. I can take screen shots super easy.

Pros: Super cool tech, sleek minimal design, integrated touch screens!

Cons: not traditional form factor, heavy - I heard they will offer wheels soon so that can remove this problem.

I am always doing 5 things at once so this product fits perfectly into my workflow. Super satisfied. Keep up the great work Cemtrex.


It's a sit/stand desk + tomorrow's tech in one. This is for early adopters at home or businesses who invest in the latest technology to boost performance. I'm both.

Next level

I'm a laptop-only person as the larger screen never proved enough value to me.. The SmartDesk is another level though.. the efficiency gained is unmatched.. I love all the AR functions for efficiency but also the practical ones like scanning and saving to cloud by doing nothing other than placing the paper on the desk, etc etc. Amazing product!